May 3, 2012

I love me some pillows...

Hey, hey! Just popping in to show you a few recent purchases. I haven't even put my living room furniture back after painting and I already bought new pillows. I just can't help it!

In case you missed my previous posts, the sectional is in the new sitting room, which is now the same color as the living room (Behr's Misty Morn). So even though the furniture isn't back in place, I can still get a good sense of what things will look like.

All of these babies are from Target, my favorite place (seriously). I bought three of the solid pillows, two in dark blue and one in light blue. One side is a linen fabric, and the other is suede. I love their textures!

I bought four faux silk pillows last year and quickly realized I'm not a faux silk pillow person. I need pillows that can be smooshed, squished, lounged on and otherwise manhandled and still look good. Within only a couple weeks, those pillows had little pulls and stains on them that I can't wash off -- and I'm too cheap frugal to pay to dry-clean pillow covers that only cost $20. I'm hoping these hold up better!

I can't tell if the patterned pillow is supposed to be a flower or what, but I like the colors.

Can you tell what this last guy is, based on the shape? Yep, it's another placemat pillow!

They had these lovely placemats in blue/green and pink/white hues. I just opened up the seam, added stuffing and stitched it closed. It's got another lovely texture to it, kind of a canvas-y look that's perfect for spring and summer.

I also picked up this curtain, wondering if it would be right for the living room post-paint. I'm undecided. Is it too close to the couch color? The curtains will be behind the couch, so I don't want them to blend too much.

But I liked the beachy feel to them, and they do look nice against the new paint color.

Decisions, decisions!

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