Jul 16, 2013

Anniversary date photo frame {DIY}

Hiya everyone! I hope you're doing well! Thanks for all your feedback on my two rugs both here on the blog and on my Facebook page. I just can't part with either one, so they're both sticking around for now, although I'm still not 100% sure how they'll be used. Stay tuned as I play musical rug around my house. :)

I'm here today to show you some DIY art I made to celebrate my three-year anniversary to the hubs, which was back in June. As I wrote about before, I like finding ways to display wedding mementos and photos without being too mushy. And I'm a true believer that what you put in your home should be meaningful above all else.

This is our anniversary date! I didn't come up with this idea -- you'll see it around Pinterest and the web, and there are places where you can buy the numbers you need. But I wanted to find a cheap way to make this art, and I also enjoyed taking the photos myself.

I actually started on this way back on our first anniversary trip to Quebec. I love taking photos of interesting doors and when I came home I saw I had two of the three numbers I'd need for our anniversary date. So I explored my hometown's downtown and had a lot of fun snapping photos of numbers on buildings and businesses, including the last number I needed.

I did just a little editing in Picasa to crop them and make them black-and-white.

Then I printed them through mpix.com. I bought the frame for 40% off at Michaels.

I'm not sure where this will live permanently, but for now it's hanging out on the console table in our dining room. I think it looks really cool! I love the variation of the types of numbers. Plus it means we have no excuse for ever forgetting our anniversary :)

I also thought it was a great gift idea for a good friend of mine who recently got married, using a frame I found at Kohl's. I hope it finds a nice place in her new home with her new hubby!

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