May 21, 2012

Privet House for Shops at Target

Hello all! Happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I got outside, spent some time near the ocean and some time in a kayak -- it couldn't have been better!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably already know that I love Target. Like, love love it. Like, if they had a support group for Target loving, I would probably go because my husband would make me. 

So, of course when they unveiled their Shops at Target collections, I had to take a look. Apparently, they're selling the goods of local shops from around the country. The shop they're featuring in the home section is called Privet House, and the stuff is really cute! 

Of course I had to sneak a few peeks at their collection -- and take some photos so I could share it with you all! I included links to Target's website when I could find the item online (though a lot of stuff is sold out online) -- click the photos to get there.

I love these chevron outdoor rugs, especially the white one.


This basket has a whitewashed look that gives it an antique feel.

I love the industrial look of this lantern! I think I'd put it on my deck for hanging out after-hours on warm summer nights.


Not gonna lie -- I wasn't really sure what this wire house was for. The tag says it's a centerpiece "perfect for candles and plants." Wouldn't a little ivy plant climbing up to the roof look so cute?

They had lots of decor items in such fun patterns, like these votives and pillars...

And these napkins...

And these plates and bowls...

And this serving tray...

And, last, these glasses. I think these are my favorite!

You can check out the rest of the collection here.

What's your favorite? I totally want two of those glasses!

P.S. Target in no way endorsed or compelled me to write this post. These are just my own personal opinions as a self-confessed Targetophile.

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