Mar 30, 2012

A crocheted pencil holder {DIY}

It's Friday -- yippee! Hope you all had a good week. The weather here in Maine over the last two weeks has been totally insane. Last week, it was a record 87 degrees...

And then this week, it was snowing.

I can't blame my daffodils for thinking it was time to come up. I'm happy they survived the least for now.

So, I've got a little craft to show you today. I saw these super-cute knitted pencil holders on House to Home and thought...hey, I could do that! Well, okay, I can't knit. But I can crochet. I also had an empty coffee can lying around that I saved for just this occasion.

Let's get right to the finished product, shall we? Ta-da!

I used Vanna's Choice yarn I bought for another project and followed these directions to crochet in the round until it covered the bottom of the can.

Then, I simply went around making single crochets until I made a little sleeve that would fit over the top of the can. The silver of the can was showing through a little, which I didn't hate, but I thought more color would be fun, so I wrapped the can in yellow scrapbooking paper, then put the crocheted sleeve over it.

Initially I was going to just leave it like this:

But it was a little boring, I thought.

I've been making a bunch of these crocheted flowers since I found this pattern from Beata at Rose Hip, and I thought it'd made the perfect little addition to my pencil holder. I used some white and yellow yarn I had for the center and the other petals.

To attach the crocheted sleeve and protect my hands from the sharp can edges, I folded the top over the lip of the can and attached it using hot glue. Since the can is too deep for pens and pencils, I added some river rocks in the bottom.

It would also be cute to line the inside of the can with some fun paper, but at this point I was too lazy to take off the sleeve and do that, so I'm good with the way it is.

It makes the desk a little more cheerful!

I'm totally obsessed with crocheting these little holders now. How cute would they be for vases and candle holders, especially in the wintertime for adding some coziness and warmth? Oh, and this project cost me absolutely nothing, since I already had the can, the paper and the yarn!

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