Aug 3, 2011

A not-so-green thumb, and other random things

Hey everyone! I swear I'm still here. I've just been thoroughly distracted from crafty things lately. I hope to have some things to share with you really soon.

In the meantime, I thought I'd keep it real and confess that I'm not great at keeping plants alive, indoor plants more than outdoor plants. I always forget to water them, then I feel bad and overcompensate with too much water, and then they die. I just can't seem to learn.

For instance, I noticed my jade and succulent plants seemed to be suffering from too-much-water syndrome, so I decided to put them outside in the sun yesterday in a desperate attempt to dry them out and save them. I also pulled a couple of the jade leaves off and put them in water to try and root them.

My previously adorable succulent

Except I forgot they were out there, and we got crazy downpours yesterday. Which means I came home to this sad sight:


Oh boy...

It's safe to say these plants are toast, don't you think? Fingers crossed my attempt at rooting my jade cuttings works!

But how cute is that bird pot from Lowe's?? I simply adore it. I spotted it in the store one day this spring, but didn't buy it. Then it was out of stock for a couple weeks and I practically stalked their website to see when it would be back in stock, and I ran out and bought it right away. (And yes, that's a salad plate underneath it. My secret for adorable pots I find that have no saucer thing for drainage is that I shop the "as is" section of Bed Bath and Beyond. The one in my town always has random plates for sale for really cheap -- this one was only 48 cents!)

This plant my mom bought us as a housewarming present always looks like this. I have no idea what it wants -- more water? less water? more sun? a little song? It's still alive, but I'm constantly sweeping up leaves. Anyone know what it is and how to take care of it?

The only plant that is looking good is this little guy that hangs out in our bedroom. The tag at Home Depot just called it "houseplant," so I have no idea what it is, but I need a few more, apparently, since it's the only thing I can keep alive!

Here's where it started -- not bad, huh!

In other news, I thought I'd let you in on what's been taking up more of my time lately. I've started doing Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 DVD in an effort to get more in shape. I'm about half-way through, and it's tough! But I'm really liking it. It can be hard sometimes to fit working out into your daily routine, and I have to admit falling off the wagon lately. But the hubs and I are both making it a priority, and let me tell you, I definitely feel happier when I'm working out (okay, not WHILE I'm doing it, but afterward ;) ). It's great for mental and physical health, and I have more energy and sleep better when I'm doing something active on a regular basis. And it's probably just in my imagination at this point, but I think I'm looking a little more toned. But of course working out more means less time on crafts and blogging. So I hope you forgive me, but I've gotta make taking care of myself a priority.

I also find it really funny how much Jillian Michaels has changed her image in the past three years (in an effort to brand herself or boost her influence, maybe?). Here's the cover of one of her first DVDs, the 30 Day Shred (which is also a great workout).

And here's the cover of Ripped in 30, released this year. Holy glamour! I like how she's gotten tanner, her hair's gotten fuller and her sports bra has gotten more revealing... :) But I forgive her because she kicks my booty. The design has also gotten more intense...the happy, teal-and-orange color combo is replaced by scary black and yellow, and the fonts went from fun and light (there's even a little shimmer to the J!) to chunky and serious. Jillian means business, people!

And last in my list of totally random things: Christina's Adventures featured my DIY key art! She is just the sweetest. Thanks so much, Christina!

I hope to be back later this week with something more interesting to show you than my sad plants... :)


Anonymous said...

my philosophy (for what it's worth - probably not much) is that plants need room for their roots to grow and get stressed out if their roots are confied. Bigger pots. Also, they need humidity. Most plants like to be outdoors. Or at least misted often if they are indoors. Sorry sight on your porch :( Hopefully they will recover - that's my optimistic self. xo Diane

Christina said...

1. I have a black thumb...not green. Wish I could help...but I'm TOTALLY helpless with plants :(

2. Jillian Michaels kicks my BUTT! It's been a while...thanks for the motivation to get back at it again! And the comparisons between her pictures is sooo true!

3. Your welcome for featuring your key art...I loved it :)