Aug 23, 2011

Pottery Barn lantern {thrifty find}

Happy Tuesday, all! It was a chilly 49 degrees this morning when I woke up this morning, reminding me that yes, fall is just around the corner. I'm starting to get used to the idea...

And no, you didn't misread the title of this post...I did use Pottery Barn and thrifty in the same sentence! I popped into PB over the weekend, not looking for anything in particular; actually, I rarely shop there, because I know that I can't/don't want to pay their prices, even though I'm sure their stuff is worth it. But when I saw this lantern in the sale section, I had to snatch it up.

It's the arches lantern in large, and it's BIG -- almost 20 inches tall. The biggest pillar candle I had on hand looks positively petite in it. I think it has a kind of nautical look to it (although PB says it's reminiscent of "French cloches used to shelter young plants from frost", what do I know??).

I thought of it initially for our forgotten office redo, which will have a nautical feel, but since that office won't be done anytime soon, I'm sure I'll find a new home for it until then. I'm already thinking of how beautiful it will be filled with Christmas ornaments for the holiday season!

Here's the best part:

Woo, 60% off! Otherwise I definitely wouldn't have bought it. I probably still shouldn't have, because I don't really need it, but I was already traumatized by spotting this awesome sea foam-colored ceramic artichoke in Home Goods, which I stupidly walked by at first and then went back for, but alas, it was gone! I saw in another woman's cart later (and no, I did not even think about taking it out...nope, not one bit!). I just couldn't let the lantern go the way of the artichoke.

I kind of wish it wasn't so silver...if I get the guts, maybe I'll use some oil-rubbed bronze paint on it or something. What do you think -- leave it as is, or give it a little ORB treatment?

Find any good deals lately? Snatch anything up at Pottery Barn? Did you also see the ceramic artichoke at Home Goods and totally fall for it...or is that just me (and the lady who snagged it)??

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