Jul 28, 2011

Old keys become art {DIY}

While we were in Quebec City celebrating our anniversary, we popped into a few antique stores and I came home with these:

I've always eyed old keys but never bought any. One key was for a door, and the other for a piece of furniture, the saleswoman told me. And I was sooo proud of myself that I managed to have most of the conversation with her in French! :)

There's lots of great key art out there (this post from design*sponge has lots of fabulous ideas on how to decorate with keys). They make easy, fast art, and they're all unique because no two old keys ever look the same.

I bought a frame from Michaels with a 25% off coupon, and picked it because it had a double mat, so there was lots of space between the back of the frame and the glass -- perfect for accommodating my little keys!

I used a little dab of hot glue on each to stick them to a piece of slightly shimmery scrapbook paper. Then, I just hung it on the wall. Super easy!

It's a small frame, so I needed a little spot for it, and this spot above the couch in the living room seemed perfect.

I was a little nervous about hanging a black frame in here, since the other frames are wood-toned, but we have a black media cabinet across the room, so I figured that would tie it in. (I chose black for the frame because I really liked the way it worked with the patina of the keys).

The frame was $6.75 and the keys were $10, I think, so a thrifty little piece of art. I'd love to find more keys and do something bigger, or maybe even do a second frame below this one. What do you think?

Most of all, I like that the keys will remind me of our first anniversary trip without screaming souvenir.

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Anonymous said...

oh I LOVE Quebec City and your keys are just charming! They look so designerish the way you have arranged them. I checked out that design sponge link too - full of great ideas, so thank you for including that little gem. I usually go to a really big antique market in central Texas once or twice per year and there are always vendors with buckets full of keys. I think I'll get a few extra for gifts this time. Yours look absolutely charming in your pretty room :)

The Miller's @ Prezidential Life said...

Love it!!! Turned out great!! I love old keys, now its time for me to find some! Thanks for sharing

Christina said...

Oh I've been looking for keys like this for so long!! They're so cute...and I love how you displayed them!

Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! And thanks for linking back to my party too :)