Jul 8, 2011

Summer bedding makes me smile

Remember a little while back I was drooling over fresh, white, comfy bedding?

Well, the hubs wasn't such a fan of white bedding, so we compromised.

We swapped out our heavy, dark brown comforter for a thin, beige coverlet. It's from Target, part of the Springmaid collection. I like the quilted design, and luckily so does he! (He told me that some of them looked like "old ladies' winter jackets." Ha!)

To go with the new coverlet, I picked up a couple white pillow cases while I was at Target and a white bedskirt. I wanted the bedskirt that matched the coverlet, but it was like $40, and the white one was only $15!

The coverlet is reversible and the other side is white, so maybe someday I'll just flip it around and see what the hubs says...

Here's what it looked like before with the dark brown bedding.


And now...


I'm really loving the fresh, summer look. Makes me want to keep it year-round.

Linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After party!

Have a great weekend!


frances said...

I just redid my bedroom for summer too...your looks great Frances

Greta said...

I love the calm, neutral colors you used -- the green on the pillow is a perfect touch!

Tracey said...

Just found your blog from Thrifty Decor Chic. I love Maine as well as we vacation there twice a year. Your room looks very summer like

Mindy @ Heart Maine Home said...

Thanks all! I really appreciate your kind words.