Apr 7, 2011

The frugal find streak continues...

We must have been flyin' high off the free stuff we scored last week, but the hubs and I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond over the weekend and walked out with this.

Never mind that we were there to buy a present for someone else (don't worry, we did that too!). As soon as we saw this baby in the clearance/as-is section, we looked at each other with starry eyes, like two adorable Japanese anime characters.

We did a lap around the store, picked out what we came for, then came back around to it. We just couldn't pass up this ridiculous discount:

We found out it was on sale because it was bought and put together, and then returned. Oh, and I also had a 20% off one single item coupon, meaning we got this puppy for a mere $70 (not including tax). Woohoo! 

Have you ever shopped the as-is section of BBB? I'm not gonna lie -- it's like a guilty pleasure for me. The stained pillows kind of creep me out, but you can get some great deals on plates and glassware that for some reason have been separated from their sets or were display items. I bought a few dessert plates for like 50 cents each. I also bought a bamboo trash can that was returned because it had a crack in it, which my husband fixed up in no time with a little wood glue.   

But this cabinet was the best find ever. We justified this spur-of-the-moment, not-in-our-budget purchase because we saved ourselves about $130 by rescuing that bookcase out of the dumpster instead of having to buy a new one for our office makeover. And the cabinet is black, meaning it'll go well with our office scheme, which is where we plan to put it.

We're totally excited to have a new home for all our DVDs. Right now we have this rack from Target, which is not super attractive and not big enough. 

We also have DVDs and video games taking up space in this box in the closet...

and here...

and even here. It sure would be nice to consolidate all those movies and games.

Not sure where we'll put the cabinet in the office, though, since it's a couple inches too big to fit where our current DVD rack lives. Right now it's hanging out in the living room, since we're going to be painting the office very soon -- once we pick a color! But I'm not gonna lie -- I'm not hating it here!

We are on a roll with thrifty finds! I feel like we should go buy a lottery ticket or something :)

Anime photo from here.


Sara said...

Great score! I have never noticed the as is section in bbb. BUT I do shop the IKEA as is

Diane Lavallee said...

I love it! Wish I saw it first. lol
Great find, enjoy!

Mindy @ said...

Thanks, Sara! We have no IKEA here, so BBB will have to do.

And sorry, Di! :) Maybe next time...