Feb 6, 2011

Scoring at Target

Target is my kryptonite. It seems I can never leave that store without coming out with something that wasn't on my list, and lately that something is home-related.

I like to go often (though I probably shouldn't!) and shop the sale and clearance items. There's nothing like the rush of scoring something for half price or even less.

Some of my recent finds:

This yummy soft faux fur throw, on sale for $12.48, down from $24. Right now it's hanging out with our new Target trunk in the bedroom (yes, apparently everything we own is from Target), but it might find its way to the living room.

This cute silver vanity tray that I eyed a couple weeks ago when it was on sale for $10-something and reluctantly put back, since I couldn't really justify it. I don't know how much it was originally, but when I saw it was marked down again to $7.48, I snatched it up. It matches the rest of the silver decor in our bathroom very nicely!

A pair of these fun 5x7 frames to add a pop of color to our nightstands. They were $1.48 each! I'm pretty sure they were close to $10 each regular price. I put two relaxing photos from our Aruba honeymoon in there to conjure up memories of our island escape.

And I love this graphic tablecloth for our small table next to the kitchen. I'd been eyeing this too, but knew we didn't need it. Unless, of course, it was $8.98, marked down from $17.99. (I found it on the website and it's still regular price.) I love how the light blue in it coordinates with the green-gray walls but isn't too matchy-matchy, and the brown and yellow add a fun contrast.

This last item is a ridiculous good price even when it's not on sale. We've been searching for curtains for the bedroom since we moved in. I bought these chocolate Fieldcrest ones that were on sale a while back, and they were beautiful, but the brown didn't match our comforter very well, and, well, it was just too much brown for the room (since the walls are beige and our comforter is solid brown). 

After returning those, I found these green ones online for an awesome price -- $12.74 for the pair. Yes, that's $6.37 for each 84-inch panel. Even not on sale, they're a steal for $14.99. They're thin, but perfect for the bedroom where we already have dark bamboo shades that block the light pretty well. I ordered one pair first to see how they would look in person, and the green color worked well with our green sheets and gave the room a happy, light feel, I think.

(Yes, they're a smidge short, but nothing a few drapery rings won't fix!)

I'm sure they'll be many more Target scores in the future, but to save my bank account and my husband's sanity, I'm going to detox for a little while. It'll be hard, though, not to dream about those items waiting to be snatched up on the clearance racks. Must...resist...!

What have you scored at Target lately?

Meanwhile, I've updated my home tour page and added photos of all the rooms in our house -- check it out here!

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