Feb 16, 2012

Storage on my mind...

I don't know if it's because I've got office organization on the brain, but I couldn't go two steps in HomeGoods the other day without finding awesomely adorable storage containers. I found so many I had to snap some pics with my phone and share their awesomeness with you! (So excuse my crummy phone pics.)

Love-love-love the pastels in these ekat totes.

I almost died over these metal cut-out containers. They had black, gray, red and aqua.

Black and white geometric = perfection

These Waverly-print containers had me falling all over myself. Aren't they gorgeous?? They had boxes with lids, boxes that zipped up and travel containers.

Apparently I'm very into black and white these days...with a touch of green, that is! I like the simplicity of these square and rectangle totes. I think the pattern either looks like leaves or amoeba.

Okay, these weren't at Home Goods -- I actually spotted them at Lowe's. But they get an honorable mention for being super cute. And for not being black and white! I'm digging the Moroccan-looking pattern on the inside and the leather trim.

So, I'm sure you want to know what I came home with, right? Here ya go!

Now picture me walking around HomeGoods trying to carry all these things AND take pictures with my phone. :)

I had to snag this flower box because it's the same print as the fabric I used to jazz up my bulletin board (also a Waverly fabric).


The pattern is called "Button blossoms"

I totally fell for this damask-esque print, so I bought this lidded box. The lid is even a little padded, so it really feels like a substantial storage container.

And I picked up a pair of these metal baskets. They seemed like the perfect shape and size to hold notebooks or file folders.

I also bought this organizer for our desk drawer. It punches up the inside real nice, and it's useful.

We're still organizing the office, so I can't show you these in action yet. But stay tuned!

Where do you find cute-and-functional organizational supplies? Did you see anything in this roundup you're coveting for yourself?

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Christina said...

oh I LOVE what you bought!! I so love everything cute and organizational...it's kind of a problem I love it so much!! :)