Jan 27, 2011

DIY canister labels

As a wedding present, we received this set of adorable black canisters with little spoons from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were so cute we wanted to display them on the counter, but there was no good way to figure out what canister was holding what.

I loved the cute vinyl labels Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick made for her glass cereal containers, but since mine were black, I wanted something that would stand out. And luckily, I had plenty of scrapbooking paper and supplies (thanks, Sis!).

I picked out a few scraps of paper that coordinated with the green-gray walls in our kitchen and cut them into rectangles using edging scissors. Then, I did the same with off-white cardstock, making each piece a little smaller than the patterned paper. I used stamps and black ink to write the labels for our baking supplies.

But how to affix them? I didn't want to stick them directly onto the canisters, in case we decided to use them for something else. So I used a little ribbon, made a loop and glued the loop to the label, positioning it so the tails of the ribbon would peep out underneath the label just a little bit.

The loop slips easily over the latch of each canister, making it easy to swap labels as necessary. I was worried the labels would get in the way, but they really don't. I like the homemade look of the stamped letters.

Here's where they sit on the kitchen counter. I like having the baking supplies readily available. Plus, I think they're super cute!

There are also a bunch of smaller ones that we keep in the cupboard. We don't want to be overrun with canisters. :) 

An easy and free solution to trying to remember what size canister held what ingredient. What have you been DIYing lately?

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