Apr 11, 2013

Organizing the bathroom closet

Over the weekend, I was all prepared to get my spring decorating on and hopefully lure the warm weather to arrive with my springy vignettes. I opened the closet door in our downstairs bathroom, where I keep most of my decorating stuff. And I...was...afraid.



DUN! (that's scary music)

It's not like it doesn't usually look like this -- I'd like to say it doesn't, but it does. But for some reason these days I've had such an urge to get things organized, and as I stared into that closet, I realized I couldn't just grab my spring candles and birds and shut the door. I had to get this closet whipped into shape.

First, a bit about this closet. We have two full bathrooms in our house, including this one on the first floor with the disaster closet. Since it's just the two of us, the upstairs bathroom closet is really home to all our regular necessities -- towels, toiletries, medications, etc. That leaves a lot of space in this downstairs bathroom closet, space that I apparently filled with tchotchkes. It's also home to most of our cleaning supplies, and one big bag of dog food.

I started by pulling everything out of the closet (and getting the hubs' sneakers out of the way).

What really needed sorting were all my decorating stuff -- lots of candles and candle holders, some vases, little animal figures, etc. I weeded through it all and got rid of the stuff I didn't want anymore.

I decided to organize my candles by season. Is that a little type A? I used an incredibly high-tech and adorable organizing method ... the Ziploc bag and the Sharpie marker. We spent a good chunk of money on our puppy's surgery, so I did not want to spend any extra money on cute organizing supplies when a plastic baggie could do the trick.

I also used this super-awesome organizing trick called "empty your coffee into canisters and reuse the plastic containers to hold your rock supply." I seriously have lots of rocks. That's kinda weird, isn't it? They make great vase filler!

I scrounged up a couple empty plastic bins that were hanging out in the basement for my candles, rocks, and acorn and pinecone collection. These are going upstairs into the craft room, where they really belong.

Once all this stuff was organized and out of the way, it didn't take long to get the rest of the closet tidy and organized. Ready to see it?

Oooh, so pretty.

Peeking from behind the dog food is this little shelf I was storing in the garage that I put to work to make some extra space. Those baskets hold little odds and ends -- I'm hoping to make some cute labels for them.

A couple spare bins and baskets lying around made for handy-dandy cleaning supply and toilet paper storage.

Other baskets hold dish towels, dish cloths, tablecloths and light bulbs.

The big basket with the green-and-white liner is a hamper for towels and other laundry that needed to get tossed somewhere. This keeps it out of sight and off the floor.

There's still lots of room for the dog food, the mop and bucket and the vacuum, which isn't pictured here but definitely fits. 

Seeing all this order when I open the closet helps me breathe a little easier. It's nice not trying to jam stuff in and stack things on top of each other when I go to feed the dog or get the vacuum -- or go in search of my sea foam scented candles to bring some spring into my living room.

A little before and after action...

So, my spring decorating still isn't finished, but that's okay, because they're predicting snow on Friday. I guess I have time!

Before I sign off, a little update on Colby, who had surgery on his knee, if you recall. He had his two-week follow-up and the vet said he's healing nicely and looking great. Unfortunately, he's not enjoying being cooped up with no activity and has started taking it out on his crate when we leave him during the day.

Yep, he bent the bars with his mouth! So now he's on doggie sedatives so he doesn't break his teeth. Poor little guy. 

I can't wait until he can run and play again!

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