Oct 6, 2011

Fall crafts: Paper flower wreath and yarn pumpkins

Well, hello, everyone! I hope you're enjoying your week.

I'm still working on my fall mantle and other indoor decor, but I wanted to show you this simple fall wreath I made for our front door.

I saw something similar for spring, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where...so, my apologies for not giving credit where it's due!

It's the same grapevine wreath I decorated with shells for summer. I cut out a bunch of flowers from scrapbook paper and hot glued buttons to them. Super easy!

I'd like to replace that puny twine with some orange ribbon (and paint that gold wreath hanger!), but I'm liking it a lot right now. The colors make me so happy!

I haven't done much to fall-ify our porch, but I did add my Pottery Barn lantern and some Indian corn. (Please ignore the ugly storm door.) I'm hoping to add some more pumpkins out here, but was waiting to buy them so they'd last until Halloween and we could carve them.

I also thought I'd share a little fall craft I copied from Martha (she's brilliant, isn't she?). Yarn and twine pumpkins!

I shaved the ends of two styrofoam balls to make them a little flat at the bottom and the top, then wrapped them in some chunky yarn and twine. Not hard at all, but surprisingly time consuming, especially the twine one, mostly because I was super picky about the placement of all of the strands.

Martha used rope for the stems, but I just cut pieces of a real branch and hot glued them on. I'm not digging them as much as I hoped I would, but they are cute. I might cut the stems a little shorter.

They'll be more fall decor next week, after I finally finish my mantle (floating shelves!). Hopefully you're not sick of all this fall stuff.

I'm linking this up to Sarah's Fall Outdoor Spaces party, and Kate's Fall Crafts party! Also linking up my post about my pumpkin, mums and apple barrel to the Outdoor Spaces party. So much fall awesomeness happening in the blogosphere! Yep, I missed the fall mantel one...by a lot.


Janie said...

Very cute wreath and adorable pumpkins. I think I am going to make the wreath. Good idea and can be seasonal.

Marina said...

Lovely! It looks great!