Sep 5, 2011

A little kitchen upgrade

Hey all! I hope you all had a great three-day weekend! We sure did. I did some shopping, we went to a family cookout, and I baked some yummy peanut butter cookies.

We also spent a lovely day at the beach...

And finished our homemade pinot grigio.

No, our counter isn't pink. It's the lighting!

If you've been reading this blog for a little while, you probably remember that the hubs is big into homebrewing, and we've also made some wine. This pinot grigio was our third wine, and it took a couple hours to bottle it. It will be ready to drink in a couple of months, but I tasted it before it went in the bottles, and it was pretty tasty! I did most of the work, so I'm mighty proud of it.

And if you're a HMH Facebook fan, you already know we popped into The Home Depot, on a whim, to buy a new, fancy schmancy kitchen faucet. Ours was your standard, run-of-the-mill, cheapo faucet, and it had been getting leakier and leakier. We've got lots of equipment we use for making beer and wine, including a bottle washer/sprayer thing that you attach to your faucet. As the hubs was doing this, he realized the threads on the faucet head were totally stripped, making it hard to use the bottle washer.

I guess that was the last straw? Anyways, off to Home Depot we went to pick out a new faucet. We could have simply bought another standard, run-of-the-mill faucet, but we figured since we were spending the money for a new one, we might as well buy the one we really wanted (as a friend once said, "Buy nice or buy twice" -- the hubs now says that to me all the time! Usually to justify some ridiculous purchase... :) )

Here's our old faucet (that gold thingy-ma-jig on the windowsill is the bottle washer)...

And here's the new one!

It's from the Delta Leland collection, and we're super excited about the pull-down sprayer. A flick of a button on the back turns it from a stream... a spray. Of course, the sprayer means we can't actually use the bottle washer thing, which is kind of why we bought the new faucet in the first place. Oh well, I'm not complaining!

It also came with this little soap dispenser, which I was way too excited about, in part because it takes up the hole our old sprayer used to occupy. I'm always knocking over the regular soap dispenser we keep on the edge of the sink, so I'm totally jazzed about this.

The hubs installed the new faucet in about an hour (our first plumbing project! I'm so proud of him). It's so fancy I feel like the rest of our kitchen needs an upgrade. I tried to talk him into browsing the granite countertops, but he wasn't interested :)

No matter -- I'm still loving this beauty! It's the little things that can really brighten your day, isn't it? ;) We try to be really intentional with our house purchases, because we have a big long list of things we want to upgrade, but sometimes you just gotta embrace the spur-of-the-moment purchase, don't you think?

I'm off to do some dishes!

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Beth said...

Very nice! I hear you about knocking over the soap dispenser! Drives me crazy! Enjoy your new faucet!

Erin @ Domestic Adventure said...

This post proves that we do have the same exact house! We have that same old faucet and I hate it! So jealous of your pretty new one...I might need to share this with Chris!

Meg said...

Popped in from TDC since I'm in the market or a new faucet. Looks great!