Mar 21, 2011

HomeGoods happy

I swung by HomeGoods the other day after work just to poke around -- a little retail therapy after a busy and stressful week. And though I did more browsing than buying, it still boosted my mood! Maybe sharing a few of my finds will boost yours too.

How pretty is this vase? It made me think of the ocean.

I'm really into aqua and turquoise lately, I don't know why. But I loved these ceramic dishes (and the brown ribbon!).

I thought of our office redo as soon as I saw these fabric baskets. The turquoise lining with the damask on the outside totally fits into my vision! I might have to go back for these.

HomeGoods never disappoints with its selection of baskets, and I've got a serious thing for baskets. This one with the graphic gray-green liner made me smile.

So did these bamboo boxes. I'm totally going to try DIYing one with some stuff I have on hand.

I'm really starting to appreciate their lamp selection as well, and their prices can't be beat, even by my first love, Target. I thought this one, with its dark gray shade, would look fab in our new office.

And this one, with its chocolate shade and its light aqua-glass base, would look great on my new console table in the living room.

I'm loving the happy green ones too! Wouldn't they be great in our bedroom?

More turquoise!

I thought this coral-colored kelp (?) print would complement the theme in our office, but in a different frame, maybe white.

Other great nautical finds for our office. I think I could DIY both of these! What do you think?

I loved the hue and the Moroccan feel of this ceramic piece.

And if this garden stool had been a little cheaper (and a little less shiny), I may have snatched it up. (So adorable -- a little boy in the aisle with his dad kept insisting it was a kid-sized table).

It took a lot of restraint to keep from buying this fun green-and-white pot. Love the parrot!

Oh, and while at HomeGoods, I also found the biggest potholes I've ever seen. They almost swallowed up the traffic cone pathetically attempting to warn people of the harm about to befall their tires. I didn't take a picture of the potholes because I was too busy climbing out of them.

So, what did I buy? A few baskets, including this lined one I plan to keep in the bathroom closet and use for laundry. 

I also got some other accessories for our entryway project. Sadly, some of the things I purchased aren't going to work (I'm bad at using a tape measure, apparently!), so they'll have to go back. Still working on that entryway -- I hope to share the results very soon! I meant to wrap it up a lot sooner, but we've had some family stuff come up in the last couple of weeks that's taken precedence. Thanks for your patience!


Erin @ Domestic Adventure said...

Last Thursday I did my first swing through HomeGoods in more than 3 months (since before the baby was born)and it was a-mazing. I was overwhelmed by all of my finds and was depressed that I could only allow myself to buy one thing.

Oh, and if that garden stool ever goes on sale, just take some spray paint to it!

Mindy @ Heart Maine Home said...

Yes, I decided I should limit my visits to avoid the disappointment of not being able to buy to my heart's content.

I would definitely spray paint that stool! If only the weather would cooperate and become 50 degrees so I could do it outside...